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Olaju Art Group organizes traveling exhibitions of Contemporary African Art from our featured collections. By showcasing original works from leading artists, we promote cultural education in public and private spaces around the world. Our team of professionals manage the installation, associated events and de-installation of site specific programming. Olaju exhibitions reflect a broad and dynamic range of art forms coming from Africa and its Diaspora.

Our traveling exhibition service provides host institutions with affordable, high-quality exhibitions that enlighten, educate and entertain.


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img009Title: From Moussor to Tignon: The Evolution of the Head-Tie

Featured Artist: Juliana Kasumu

Number of Works: 16 photographs

Opened at: The McKenna Museum of African-American Art, New Orleans, LA, Sep. 10th-Oct. 11, 2016

Exhibition Summary: In a portraiture series exploring the history of headwraps worn as both fashion and political statements, Juliana Kasumu presents connections between Creole’s in New Orleans, LA and signares in Senegal, West Africa during the 18th century. This collection highlights the ability of women of color to gain prominent, socioeconomic status in the face of oppressive challenges. ‘From Moussor to Tignon’ serves as a reflective investigation into the exoticism of the head-tie and re-appropriation of traditional methods.

To preview the collection, visit; From Moussor to Tignon


Title: East meets West

Featured Artists: Temi Coker & Khadija Farah

Exhibition Summary: Kenya in the East and Nigeria in the West are two countries on the African continent that differ greatly. This series presents images from both nations captured by emerging photographers who illustrate themes of community empowerment and cultural identification.



Title: Reviving Benin: The History of an African Festival

Featured Artist: Nseabasi Akpan

Exhibition Summary: Reviving Benin offers an authentic perspective of West African history through the lens of a photographer with strong cultural ties to the region. For the past four years, Akpan has attended the Voodoo festival, enhancing the scope of his collection. He provides an all access pass to masquerade performances on the festival ground and behind the scene images captured within the local community.

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