Project Overview

Nseabasi Akpan

Affiliated Artists

Nseabasi Akpan | Photographer | Olaju Art Group

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

Specialization: Photography/Philanthropy

Current Collection: Reviving Benin

A photographer based in Ibadan, Nigeria with works focusing on traditional cultural heritage. Akpan serves as the founder of the Art Alliance which coordinates programs for local artists to exhibit throughout the country.

“I believe photography has the ability to bring awareness to issues that can elevate public understand and compassion, and as a photographer my hope is to give a voice to issues and those who would otherwise never be heard.My work has been published in both national and international newspapers, websites and magazine such as BBC Focus on Africa Magazine and various media outlets. Also, I have presented images in art exhibitions in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Syria, Croatia, Ethiopia and the republic of Benin.”