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International Artist-in-Residence, Summer 2016


Furthering the Development of Contemporary African Art


International Artist-in-Residence

June 21-September 18, 2016


Project Overview

The Olaju Art Group is hosting an international artist-in-residence program with a focus on supporting the creation of new works addressing issues related to contemporary African culture. Through this experience, one artist will be awarded a three-month residency including professional development opportunities and ending with a solo exhibition.

Organizational Background

The Olaju Art Group is a registered non-profit organization based in San Antonio, TX with a focus on promoting African arts & culture. This unique collective is comprised of patrons, artists, collectors and members of the general public with an interest in the development of cultural exchange between African countries. By organizing exhibitions and public programs we are able to engage multi-cultural audiences through the use of visual & performing arts.

Purpose of Exhibition

Photographer Juliana Kasumu, will be in-residence to create the proposed body of work as set forth in her submitted application. Her mission is to expose the depictions of the Head-tie and its effects in popular culture, by exploring issues related to femininity and identity, amongst women of color between Nigeria, Senegal and Louisiana.

Program Specifications

The residency program will offer our selected artist the opportunity to create a new body of work as described in his/her submitted application. The Olaju Art Group will provide travel, accommodations, studio space and supplies related to the production of works. Once the works are completed there will be a solo exhibition and a series of public programs to engage the community with cross-cultural awareness through contemporary African art.

The following key activities will take place during the residency;

  • Published essay on topic of interest
  • Training on darkroom printing techniques
  • Production of an original body of work
  • Solo exhibition on display in museum
  • Public programming to advance engagement

How You Can Help

This program is made possible in part by sponsorship & donations from individuals & corporations with an interest in supporting the arts. For more information contact program director, Obafemi Ogunleye at obafemi.ogunleye@gmail.com

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