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Special Guest from Kenya Brings Gifts

Nelson Ngotiek in traditional Maasai attire.

Nelson Ngotiek in traditional Maasai attire.

Sharing African Culture Through Arts & Crafts

Contemporary Art Month ended with a grand finale exhibition at Palo Alto College featuring works of art from African nations. ‘East meets West’ is displayed in the Project Space Gallery and highlights two diverse countries on opposite ends of the map, Kenya and Nigeria. Curator, Obafemi Ogunleye, organized this exhibition in honor of a special guest from Kenya who arrived in San Antonio the day before the opening reception.

Nelson Ngotiek serves as a cultural ambassador for Narok County, Kenya, offering authentic insight to the Maasai community. His one-month residence in San Antonio is centered on exchange with Africa in Texas through cultural arts and education. Nelson has earned an international reputation for conducting workshops in traditional music & dance from his homeland. During his performances, audience members are able to experience a look into significant aspects of cultural identity.

Dr. Alba De Leon at Palo Alto College serves as international education liaison and sets an example for other institutions looking to further programs with developing countries. By partnering with the Olaju Art Group, a local non-profit focused on promoting African arts, Palo Alto College will be offering free educational programs for students and the community during the month of April.

In an effort to promote sustainable initiatives between the US and Africa, the Olaju Art Group has partnered with Nelson Ngotiek to release ‘The Maasai Collection’. This collection features authentic, handmade jewelry and accessories from Narok County, Kenya. Proceeds from sales will benefit our special guest, Nelson Ngotiek and the promotion of contemporary African arts.

Nelson and models at photo-shoot for The Maasai Collection.

Nelson and models at photo-shoot for The Maasai Collection.

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