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African Art Talk with Libby Day

In anticipation for the San Antonio Contemporary Art Month, ‘Carvings at the Carver’ event, we are getting an early response to the art of Jimoh Ighodalo. Members of The Olaju Art Group are conducting random interviews with San Antonio residents in an attempt to bring African art to the people.

The original sculptures that will be on display are large, heavy and not suitable for constant travel. Therefore, we partnered with FinerWorks Photolab in creating a limited edition of reproductions printed on wood. With these reproductions, we begin our survey;

Libby Day with a reproduction of 'Pot of Life'

Libby Day with a reproduction of ‘Pot of Life’

In this segment, we sit down with Libby Day of Do210 and explore ideas that will be addressed during ‘Carvings at the Carver’. Libby is a marketing and advertising professional in the city with a wide understanding of the needs and wants of San Antonio.
First, we ask the participant to contemplate on the image and then describe her internal response;
Pot of Life, Jimoh. Ighodalo. Apa Wood. 2015.

Pot of Life, Jimoh. Ighodalo. Apa Wood. 2015.

LD: I feel like there is a story being told and get a sense of community. No one looks happy and everyone is worried.

OAG: You’re right, this work depicts an oral tradition concerning a moment in history when the Oba (king) was struck with illness. (Hear the full story on March 10th)

OAG: Do you consider this work to be contemporary?

LD: No, I consider this to be historical art and I don’t know if historical and contemporary go together. When you immediately look, you would say its not contemporary. I see contemporary as clean cut, modern and hard lines.

OAG: Should this work be shown alongside contemporary art in San Antonio?

LD: Yes, it creates the platform for engaging in conversation that can set a national trend. The city of San Antonio has strong cultural similarities with African culture and can use that to show unity and diversity at the same time.

OAG: San Antonio has a strong sense of city pride and encourages the support of local artists. Do you believe there will be an acceptance of international artists from Africa?

LD: We support diversity in San Antonio and as the city continues to top “best of” list’s worldwide, contemporary art will be a great sector to develop. By attracting and appreciating talents coming from overseas, it enhances our reputation.

OAG: Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at ‘Carvings at the Carver’ on March 10th.

To RSVP to the event, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1759540894282664/


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